Zumba® Fitness

It’s Perfect For:

Everybody and every body! Every class brings people together to dance, sweat, smile and feel awesome.

How It Works:

Mixing low and high-intensity moves for an interval style, calorie burning dance fitness party. Lose yourself in the Latin and World rhythms. Super effective and super fun.


A total workout - combining all elements of fitness - cardio, muscle conditioning, balance and flexibility. Boosting not only your energy but also your happy!

Zumba® Toning

It’s Perfect For:

Those who want to party, but also put additional emphasis on toning and sculpting to define those muscles!

How It Works:

Adding a resistance challenge by using Zumba® Toning Sticks, helps you focus on specific muscle groups, so you (and your muscles) stay engaged!


Lightweight maraca-like Toning Sticks enhances sense of rhythm and coordination.  You'll get an all over workout, whilst toning target zones (including arms, core and lower body).

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