Frequently Asked Questions

Is Zumba Fitness / Zumba Toning suitable for me?

Absolutely! Classes are suitable for anybody and every body. It's not a competition, just work to your own level.

If you have any health concerns and would like to discuss them before considering coming along please feel free to contact me on 07899 931376.
Otherwise classes are open to all in Tipton | Tividale | Oldbury!

Is pre-booking required?

Yes. Please book your place through Gymcatch (link available on 'Class Details' page).

What should I wear to class?

Leggings, joggers, tshirt , vest - obviously not worn all at once! Definitely a good sports bra for the ladies. You need to be comfortable but also be able to move that fabulous body of yours. Footwear should be supportive trainers, ideally not running shoes as they have too much 'grip' to the floor but if that's all you have then we'll work with it.

Do I need to bring anything with me?

First and foremost you need to bring a drink with you (water or squash is ideal). Maybe a towel to mop your sweaty brow from all that shimmying. With the current situation regarding COVID-19 I would suggest bringing hand sanitiser too.
Most importantly bring your smiles with you as you'll be using them all the way through our classes.

Do I need any equipment?

Zumba - you won't need anything other than your fabulous self.

Zumba Toning - ideally you should have your own Zumba Toning sticks. These can be purchased from me for £10 per Green set. Heavier Purple sticks can be ordered on request. However, sticks will still be available at class for you to use. They will be sanitised before and after each class but please ensure you sanitise your hands too

How does the 'Loyalty Card' scheme work?

For every paying class you attend you get a stamp. Once you've collected up 9 stamps and completed the card you have a free class. It's as simple as that.
** The loyalty scheme is currently on hold **

How will the Zumba Fitness / Zumba Toning class make me feel?

On an emotional level, I'd personally say exhilarated! The classes make me feel happy. It's that combination of thoroughly enjoying myself dancing and feeling a great connection / community vibe with everyone in the class. In terms of physically, whilst I can certainly tell that I've worked out (usually due to the red face and sweaty everything else...) I feel really energised. Lots of those happy endorphins flying around! Don't get me wrong, when you take up any new fitness regime you'll be tired and a little achy but that passes, given time. You've potentially given your body a bit of a shock and it just needs to recover. We all go through those first few classes where everything aches and you wonder if it's worth it but it truly is!

Do I need to lose weight / be fit or in shape / a certain age to join the classes?

If you are able to get to a class then you're able to participate! All of my classes have a wide range of ages, shapes, sizes and abilities. Everyone works at a level that suits them. Want to come and shake your stuff and have a laugh - great. Want to do all of that and really push yourself - that's fabulous too, go for it.

If it helps, I'm not really seen as looking like your average Fitness Instructor but I am your average woman. I may be classed by some as a ‘big girl’ but at the end of the day size really is no indication of someone’s fitness, strength and power. I’m fit and strong and will give you a good workout.

Come and give it a try - at worst you lose an hour or so of your time, at best you thoroughly enjoy yourself, gain new friends and get a fab workout to boot.

Feeling a little apprehensive about coming to class?

It's easy for me to say 'don't worry, you'll be just fine', but really - you will! I have an amazing group of participants at each class, they're really friendly and you will feel immediately at home and welcomed. Oh, and I don't bite - well, not too hard anyway...

How much are classes and how do I pay?

Live 'in person' classes are £4, livestreamed classes are £3. Places must be booked on Gymcatch (link available on 'Class Details' page).

Is there any parking available?

Both of my venues have free parking. Tuesday & Wednesday - Ormiston Sandwell Community Academy, Tividale / Oldbury
Ormiston (OSCA) has a huge car park. There is also an overspill area and should the school have a function on they open up the basketball courts for extra spaces. All parking is a very short 30-60 second walk to the Girls Gym where the classes are held.

Sunday - RSA Academy, Tipton
RSA also has a huge car park directly outside the building. There is an overspill area at the back of the dance studio (on the courts) should the car park be busy. All parking is a very short walk to the Dance Studio.

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